Sean Talley


I tried to imagine a drawing from the future, and then I drew it. It turned out not to be a drawing from the future after all. Maybe it used to be, but that was back before it was even a drawing at all. Now, it's just another drawing from the past.


Sean Talley is an artist living in Berkeley, California. His drawings and sculptures are composed of playful gestures, carefully fabricated in graphite, ceramic, and metal. The lines and shapes that he draws seem to follow (or propose) an unspoken set of rules. Their quiet logic is the product of a systematic approach to personal expression, influenced by 20th century art, video games, and graphic design software. Throughout his work, ambiguous letterforms, scattered icons, and fragmented figures are seen again and again—sometimes tangled in irregular grids, sometimes floating in space.

Sean Talley's artwork has been exhibited at the Berkeley Art Museum, Et al. Gallery, Important Projects, Jancar Jones Gallery, and the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art. He received his BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and his MFA from the University of California, Berkeley.



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